Tara Makhani, MMFT

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Hello and welcome to my personal page on the Beverly Hills Therapy Group website. I am an associate marriage and family therapist working under the supervision of Ron N Gad. I specialize in romantic relationships and the anxieties that individuals encounter throughout their dating lives.

Previously, I‘ve worked in matchmaking, dating coaching, and for dating app companies, which I believe have given me a better perspective on what the average dating person (male or female) encounters on a regular basis. Additionally, I’ve worked at a campus assault resource and education center and completed my academic traineeship at the West LA Community College. Throughout my professional career, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with individuals and couples from all different backgrounds and with virtually every kind of diagnosis or concern.

I recognize that beginning therapy, especially for the first time, can feel uncomfortable or scary, but it doesn’t have to be. As soon as we first meet, my goal is to make you feel comfortable and provide you with as much information and knowledge about the process as you need. It’s important for me that you find a therapist that seems like a good fit for you, and that you and I can create a space that will be insightful and beneficial for you.

I have a sincere interest in what’s made now the right time for you to begin therapy, and the subtleties that have brought us together. Your personal past and perspective on the world helps me to understand you better in the context of the various systems you’ve been a part of. We are individuals – part of societal groups, work groups, familial groups, romantic groups, cultural groups, etc., and each of those play a significant role in the way we work together to help you move forward.

If you have any questions, or to schedule your free consultation session, please email or call me at 888.494.7788 ext. 711.

I look forward to meeting you, and joining you on your journey to insight and improvement.