Managing Transitions

Every year, month, week, day, and even minute, we’re faced with life’s twists and turns that require us to shift. We’re constantly called upon to be someone new. Who others want you to be. Who others need you to be. Who you need to be for yourself.

These transitions become suffocating and unbearable. Therapy is about managing these transitions. It can lift burdens and empower you to deal with losses and changes, managing grief, and embracing the new roles that come with careers, relationships, and expanding families. Good therapy helps you deal with the changes that come with every transition. Great therapy helps you uncover who you can become to get through these transitions.

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Whether you’re a new parent, first time creative in the field of entertainment or an established professional balancing the nuances of ever-shifting roles, our boutique therapy experience understands the delicate nature of life’s personal and professional transitions. Our therapists help you discover who you truly are.

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