e know how difficult reaching out for something like this can be. You need to know that you can feel comfortable and that you can connect well with your therapist. That is why we offer a free phone consultation session when you contact us. Fill out the information on this page to start your healing process.

Someone will contact you as soon as possible to help answer any general questions, and to assist you in scheduling your free consultation session. During your consultation session, you can talk about what you hope to work on and accomplish through therapy. You should ask a lot of questions to get a feel for the process, and so that you can begin to develop a personalized plan – whether that be through psychotherapy, body-oriented therapy, or a combination of both.

Fill out the information on this page to start your healing process.

This online form is a great way to get started. We are usually able to respond within a couple of business hours. If you’re hoping for a more expedited response, you can also contact us by phone at (888) 494-7788.

Our psychotherapy office is located in the most tranquil location within Beverly Hills – away from the tourists, the cameras, and the parking challenges. Our various body-oriented therapy offices are located in and around Beverly Hills.


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