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Therapy Groups

See below for therapy groups that are currently being offered:


Coping & Growing: Beyond Depression & Anxiety (Wednesdays ~ 7pm): If you are trying to manage your anxiety or are held down by depression, this group is for you.

It is so easy for people to say things like, “Don’t worry about it,” or “Just stop thinking about it.” They just don’t understand. It’s not something that you can control, and we get it. We know that it is more than just trying to feel better, or getting your mind on something else.

This psychotherapy process group is intended to provide the space you need to work through the challenges of anxiety and depression with others who totally understand what it’s like.

At the Beverly Hills Therapy Group, therapy for depression and anxiety is more than just figuring out how to stop the feeling, but we help you discover where those anxieties and doubts come from, and how to make sense of them. We believe that true healing comes from insight and understanding.

Our group work is about figuring out the root causes of your anxiety and the core of your depression. We do not meet to provide you with quick tricks that are soon to fade. We work together to help you dive into the hard stuff, that you haven’t been able to do on your own.

The anxiety and depression group meets weekly and is intended on being a safe and honest place for you to process where your feelings are coming from, so that you can begin to make sense of what you’re feeling, and why you’re feeling it.

Find out whether this group and the other members in it are a good fit to help you work through your anxiety and depression.  Call to schedule your free consultation session at 888.494.7788 or contact us here.


Artistic Expressions (Mondays ~ 7pm): You’re creative – a painter, a dancer, or an actor; you’re a graphic artist or a musical one, and you love to be in your artistic space. But outside of that world, things don’t seem to have the same passion and excitement.

You must be tired of feeling the social anxiety and the bouts of depression that get in the way of your desire to grow as an artist and as an independent person.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

Join with other creatives who are seeking to carry confidence into every aspect of their life and to know that they aren’t alone in the process. This is a weekly group that meets on Wednesday evenings. In order to create a harmonious space, all members of this group are interviewed prior to joining to best assess suitability.

To discuss if this is the right next step for you, and to schedule your interview, call for your free consultation session at 888.494.7788 or contact us here.


Discover the Me in Motherhood (Mondays ~ 10am): You love your family, and you wouldn’t give it up for anything. But still, something doesn’t feel right. You’ve realized that your friendships have changed, the time you have for yourself has dwindled, and you’ve lost touch with the energetic, independent woman you remember being before you expanded your family.

When people see you, when you see yourself, you feel different. Just the thought of it makes you depressed, increases your anxiety, and highlights a sense of emptiness inside you. You feel guilty about it, but you desperately need to connect with the new woman inside.

This group was created because we know, that in order for you to be the best mom you can be, you need to believe that you are a complete, self-sufficient, confident woman.

Join a group of moms who are striving to discover themselves in a similar way. The weekly group is filling up. To inquire further about the group and to schedule an interview to assess your suitability, call for your free phone consultation at 888.494.7788 or contact us here.


Therapy for Therapists (Mondays ~ 5pm): You have devoted your professional career and personal energy to helping others process their emotions, but who is looking after you?

Therapists, LPCCs, social workers, and psychologists, especially in pre- and early-licensure, often face difficulties separating their own experiences from that of their client’s. When session emotions intensify, it is important to be able to process the transference and countertransference that arise. The good news is that you don’t need to figure these things out on your own.

We have created a weekly therapy group that was established with pre-licensed and newly licensed clinicians in mind. It is a space for you to process with your peers, and for you to obtain psychotherapeutic guidance from a licensed facilitator.

While this is not a pre-licensed supervision group, it is intended to blend clinical consultation with emotional processing, in order to best attend to your personal therapeutic needs. If you are looking to understand yourself within the context of your clinical work, then this is the perfect therapy group for you.

In order to join this group, you need to be a licensed clinician, an intern registered with one of the California boards, or a mental health practicum student who is seeing clients. A consultation interview will be scheduled for you to help gauge your readiness, interest, and suitability for the group. Call now for your free phone consultation at 888.494.7788 or contact us here to inquire about joining the group.


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