iving in LA is not easy. Even when you have that life that you’ve always envisioned – the one with the ideal career, sought-after car, and home in the perfect neighborhood – even if you have the relationship that you thought you’d always dreamt of having, something inside you can still feel unfulfilled… and that, if nothing else, is totally confusing.

I mean, why aren’t you happy, right? Why are you anxious? You’ve checked off all the boxes on your proverbial list, and you still don’t feel completely successful. And the worst part about it, is that there is this underlying guilt behind it. Since you have most things you thought you’d ever want, and you know that most people would kill to be in your position, how can you complain? So, you don’t.

You just hold it in.

You keep all your anxieties bottled up inside and you walk around with a smile on your face, even though you’re down and depressed and constantly wishing you can share your pain so you don’t feel so isolated. You might have a friend or a partner that you share some things with, but you don’t want to burden them all the time… and that feels so lonely.

But you’re not alone!

So many men and women – professionals, creatives, and stay-at-home moms and dads are dealing with the same identity issues that you are. And all you need is a place to share what you’ve been experiencing – a place to be honest about the thoughts that ruminate in your head – a person to help you process why it is you feel so unfulfilled when you have so much.

I can be that person for you!

Therapy with Dr. Ron

Working with me is more than fixing the symptoms that are complicating your life right now. We’ll do that, and it’ll be a priority.

Feeling Better Right Now (Symptom Reduction)

So, if you’re not sleeping well or eating healthily, we’ll get on correcting that – we’ll help you refocus your attention on the thoughts and behaviors to best alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety that are overwhelming you right now. If you can’t control your anger or the pressures from work are carrying into your personal life and disrupting your relationships, we’ll fix that right away. If you find yourself sabotaging current or prospective romantic, professional, or personal relationships, we’ll fine-tune and adjust your behavioral patterns to get you interacting in a way that is most beneficial to you and your future. And if you’re trying to manage a life of addictive substances or behaviors, we’ll work to ensure that you are equipped with the tools to eliminate them from your life. For that, we’ll use some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools to help.

Feeling Better Forever (Addressing Root Causes)

But together and most importantly, we’ll spend time looking into the meanings behind and underneath what you’re feeling and thinking. These are the root causes that, when addressed, will not only relieve you of the symptoms, but should help you understand where the symptoms are coming from, why they are there, and how to keep them from ever coming back.

You see, relieving symptoms makes life easier in the moment and helps you get your life back on track. But if you never analyze the root causes, the symptoms will just come back again and again.

This psychodynamic perspective of psychotherapy believes in a bottom up approach. If we attack the issue from its root, it will alleviate the core of the problem, and not merely the symptom-manifested result (like anxiety or depression).

We will work together to create a happy, healthy, relational life that brings you deep joy. Tens of thousands of hours of therapy with people just like you and extensive clinical research as a psychological author has provided me with the unique ability to help you delve deep into the implicit, buried issues that keep you from maximizing your potential, unblocking your creative and professional flow, and embracing who you truly are.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but we can make sense of it all.– Ron Gad

Therapy by A Creative, For A Creative

The pressures of entertainment are immense and intense. It’s impossible to get out on stage and bear your soul to an audience without feeling the vulnerability of your entire life – you feel all the criticisms that came before and worse, you’re actually living up to the expectations of your friends, your family, and the high expectations that you’ve set for yourself.

And what about the complexity of identity? Who are you meant to be in the creative world? When you’ve been working on a show for so long, and your time on the show ends, it must be so complicated. Understanding that you are so much more than just a role or just a writer or just a person within a show, sounds so easy… but it is such a deep concept – and you need someone who understands its complexities. The identity in and around the entertainment industry require a nuanced approach – a specialized approach for therapy for creatives.

When you’ve been a starving artist for so long, and you’ve associated with that identity, it’s difficult to understand who you’re supposed to be once you’re… well, not struggling in that same way anymore. As a creative, as an artist, identity is everything. And when you identify as a ‘starving artist’, that isn’t starving anymore, you need to find a way to redefine yourself. Just because you’re not a struggling artist anymore, doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with being an artist and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t struggling with your life. It’s a tough process that can feel very lonely; people just don’t understand that it’s hard to find success… but it can be.

You don’t need to go through this alone. I can be there for you. I can be there for you.

I’m a writer at heart; it’s just what I love to do. I’ve written a few things that had some acclaim, they even got published back in the day of literary magazines, and I thought about making a career in it…

Alas, I seem to be more suited to help writers and other artists than to be a working artist myself. But it’s in my bones; I know what it’s like to feel the art within me. I get the draw to incorporate creativity, the need to live the life of an artist, and I understand what it means to feel fragmented when you are not being creative, because you are a creative…

Life is not as simple and as straightforward as it might seem. Things don’t just happen on one clear-cut level – there are multiple symbolic levels to everything. And as creatives, we get that. If you’re able to see beyond the literal reality of things and see the symbolic in what’s happening in your life, then you can gain insight into the pieces that you’ve been missing.

Therapy for creatives is about looking for the symbols that are hiding in plain sight and making sense in them.

Therapy for Moms

Motherhood is this amazing space of joy, excitement, and personal growth. And somehow, at the same time, you’re clouded with doubts of depression, fits of rage, and this realization that – while you would never trade the life you have now for any other – you have indeed lost a sense of self that you’re desperate to find again.

You crave a healthy balance of motherhood and independence, but your guiltless path is likely held captive by societal, familial, and personal expectations. There are so many pressures put on you by what your parents project on to you, or worse, how your in-laws passive-aggressively demand you raise your own children. And if that is not enough, you struggle with your own insecurities about it all and the challenges of having your partner understand what it is you’re going through…

You deserve to have it all and I know that it’s possible. We can work together to make it happen!

Therapy for moms is all about identity – your identity. It’s about creating the space for you to find out who you actually are and how you can get there while juggling all the responsibilities of your family. And you can do it! We would work together to fight against the tendencies to do what others expect of you and to even work through the patterns of trying to be someone you think you should be. Rather, you and I will work together to get you on a path toward who you actually are.

You might be wondering if the therapy you need is for you, individually, so that you can work on your own stuff or couples therapy for you and your partner to manage the stress that you’re feeling in parenthood. And the answer is probably YES! But I almost always suggest that personal therapy is the best place to start. Therapy for moms is about you. It is about figuring out what is happening in your world that is keeping you from being as happy as you envisioned yourself being in motherhood. It is about realizing that the things that once made you feel successful and proud and fulfilled have shifted, and that you likely need a new perspective on your own sense of self.

Therapy for moms is not about figuring out how you can conform to some traditionalistic sense of motherhood. It is exactly the opposite. Therapy for you as a mom is about discovering what you need in order to make you feel whole and fulfilled in your new life as a mother – and that starts with you believing in your heart of hearts that you deserve to live a life where you feel complete – as a mom, yes… but also as an independent, successful, and fulfilled woman.

As a therapist in Beverly Hills, CA, I can help you reach that place. Together, you and I will dig deep to figure out what you’ve been missing in this new stage of your life. We will explore how these current challenges may be reflections of patterns in your life and reinforcements of historical notions that were likely instilled in you early in your life.

You don’t have to live your life as a prisoner of how you’ve always felt. You can change the way you feel about yourself, about the world, and about the way you see yourself within the world… and that starts with an exploration into who you truly are as you explore yourself in motherhood. I can’t wait to help you through it.

The Space You Need Is Right Here

All you need is the space to dive down deep, past the common, everyday life experiences, so that you can start seeing who you really are. You don’t have to be alone as you struggle with intense life issues. I can help you on your journey toward figuring it all out – toward figuring yourself out.

Don’t wait. You owe it to yourself to email now, or call me at (888) 494-7788 to schedule your free consultation session. Together, we can help you make sense of what really needs to happen for you to experience the true feeling of satisfaction that you deserve.

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.– Kurt Vonnegut
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