Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist
Eating Disorder & Mindful Eating Specialist

First off, thank you for taking the time out of busy schedule to read a little more about me and my food philosophy.

I am the type of Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist that believes that a healthy/nourished body makes it easier to achieve a healthy mind. If your mindset about food is in the right place, it is easier to practice intuitive eating and therefore embrace a healthy lifestyle.

In the beginning, I like to identify where a person is at mentally and emotionally before trying to figure out how I can help them. Every person is different and therefore, not one diet plan is going to work for everyone. Different people have come to me with different aliments such as Gastrointestinal distress, eating disorders and even needing help to optimize the nutrition they are getting on a daily basis.

I can be the connecting piece,

to help put your puzzle together.