Christy Merriner, MA

Client Wellness Advocate

Before finding therapy and becoming a therapist myself, I followed a life path of athleticism and the arts. Having competed in the Junior Olympics at age 12 and playing guitar in bands by 13, I definitely did not shy away from opportunities that could challenge my body and mind. 

I grew up on the east coast and spent over a decade living and working in New York City as an artist manager and record label professional. The majority of my career in the music industry was spent mentoring musician and producer clients, helping them to navigate the complex nature of their careers, touring schedules and personal lives. Having personally tour managed artists all over the world, I possess first-hand experience of the exhilarating, yet stressful nature of life on the road.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease six years ago caused me to reevaluate my chaotic lifestyle and led me to my own therapy. I spent years searching for a way to naturally treat my physical health while combating the negative effects it had on my psyche. I was amazed to eventually find that a proper balance of psychotherapy and mindfulness through meditation, yoga and nutrition could turn around my health issues in a matter of months!

I am grateful to all the therapists, naturopaths, doctors, yogis and committed friends who helped me along my path to healing and I’d love to share my knowledge with you. 

I offer a unique perspective to those new or returning to therapy in that I can provide compassionate insight into integrative mind-body treatments that are right for you, wherever you are on your journey.