pening up your history takes a lot of courage, and as a therapist I acknowledge that bravery. I drive my sessions with a lot of sensitivity and compassion. My approach is to always meet you where you are and challenge you at the same time.

Often times we wonder why we are stuck in the same behaviors and thought patterns. I work with people in understanding their past life events, their background, and how it is connected to the here-and-now. With more awareness, I can help you in improving your overall quality of life.

Who I work with

Are you someone who is trying to find your place in this big city? It can be easy to get lost in the constant ins and outs of busy Los Angeles. You might even find yourself asking if you made the right move, chose the right career, or in the right relationship. The only thing permanent in this world is change – and it happens often. When we can’t keep up with life, we tend to feel ungrounded.

If this feels familiar, I can help. I work with individuals, counseling you as you uncover past challenges and unexplored experiences that may have been affecting your day-to-day life, work, and relationships. Being a young adult myself in a big city like Los Angeles, I have experienced the challenges faced by individuals finding themselves in sea of people.

I have worked with different populations, and found my passion for helping those who struggle with traumatic events. Sometimes, we are not aware of the impact of the past trauma and our current lives. I can help you bring those to your awareness with care and support.

I am happy to say that I have had trainings from multiple sites and received my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California (USC). I have worked at treatment centers addressing trauma work with individuals, families, and children. I have also worked in the community as a mentor and school counselor for the underprivileged youth, families, individuals, and with people who struggle with addiction.

Together, we will work on managing your trauma, transitions, and changes in life. I can help you get a better understanding of your thoughts and actions, and your values and beliefs. I can help you in processing the binds of past pains to help create a different ending and support you in finding a fulfilling relationship.

Trauma Survivors

I work with people who have undergone any trauma in their lives. If you have been through a traumatic experience, you may notice that you may be reliving the trauma or feeling deeply affected by it. Trauma, unless processed, stays in the mind and body. In therapy, we can begin your healing process.

Identity & Relationships

Sometimes you might find yourself in short-term relationships or “situation-ships,” attracting the same type of partner. If you find yourself struggling with truly connecting with someone, I can help. The end of any relationship can be really traumatic that sometimes you begin to even doubt yourself. Through therapy, we can take a look at past relationships and identify patterns that are deep in your unconscious.


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