pening up your history takes an immense amount of courage. It’s easy to get lost in the constant ins and outs of Los Angeles. You might even find yourself asking if you made the right move, chose the right career, or are in the right relationship. When you can’t keep up with life, you start feeling ungrounded. As a black therapist in Beverly Hills, CA, I acknowledge both your struggle and your bravery to face it. 

You may be wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns even though you know better. You find yourself wondering why you’re stuck in the same thought patterns.

I know better, but why can’t I change?” “Is this self-sabotage?

Eventually you realize that you’re standing in the way of your own success.

Therapy and Me

I firmly believe in the healing power of a strong therapeutic relationship. I drive my sessions with a lot of sensitivity and compassion. My approach is to always meet you where you are and to challenge you at the same time.

I can work with you as we try and understand how your past life events show up in the your present day. Together, we can look at the meaning behind your struggles and whether certain thoughts and behaviors are getting in the way of being the best version of you.

I am proud to say that I attained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at San Jose State University. During my time there, I was exposed to the challenges that minorities faced in higher education. Through my work as a Peer Health Educator, I was able to work with many students, especially minorities, who lacked the knowledge of a having a healthy lifestyle.

I have also completed my training and received my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California (USC). Part of my focus was to deepen my understanding on different cultures. I worked in South Central Los Angeles, serving the black community of students who are preparing their way for higher education and beyond.

Because of my background, I have had the opportunity to work with minorities and people of color. I have worked at several treatment centers addressing a wide range of trauma work with individuals, families, and children.

Together, you and I can work on managing your trauma, life transitions, and all the changes that happen in your world. I can help you get a better understanding of your thoughts and actions, your values, and beliefs. I can help you in processing the binds of past pains to help create a different ending, and I’ll support you in finding a fulfilling life.

Who do I work with?

Black Professionals

It can be a lot to navigate life as someone who identifies as a person of color. Of course in today’s modern world, there are, and have been, many opportunities for advances. And with these same advances come many hindrances which may already have impacted your day-to-day life.

As a Black Therapist myself in Los Angeles, I found my passion in working with other Black women. I understand the struggles in the advancements of our careers and with the complexities of issues within our family of origin.

Black professionals face many dilemmas in the workforce. Many companies claim that it has taken several progressive steps towards acceptance of each person’s uniqueness; and yet you somehow still feel like you are falling so far behind. I know how extremely discouraging this is. For one, Black professionals often feel the need to prove themselves even more than their counterparts.

You may also find that your coworkers are fearful to talk about race. Colorblindness, the idea that one is not aware of the racial classifications that limit a person’s opportunity based on their race or color, becomes the default and “better” response.

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one person say “I don’t see color. I treat everyone the same!”

This statement could feel like there is a lack of validation in the intersectionality of being Black and also being a woman. This tends to breed feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and has even led to identifying as someone who doesn’t fully represents who you are. To blend in, you have defined yourself based on predetermined stereotypes of Black women.

This same statement can feel very dismissive of the struggles that people of color have been through… and are still going through.

You likely have had the belief, “If I just work hard enough and get that degree, I won’t be in this place anymore.” However, you’re still finding yourself stuck in the same monologue. If and when you catch a break, the exhaustion settles in. You are tired. I get it.

Working Professionals

Being a working professional in Los Angeles can be incredibly challenging. The city requires a steady income to sustain the busy city’s lifestyle. You are outwardly successful and appear to have it all and for some reason, things in your personal life just don’t feel right.You’ve checked everything off the list, but you are not as content as you thought you would’ve been.

Often times working professionals can feel “stuck” and unfamiliar with the next best move. You might think working harder is the solution and in your search for a more meaningful existence, you find yourself feeling burnt out instead.

Work can even be going really well, but outside of that life can feel stagnant.

I myself am a working professional in Los Angeles and I understand the joys and pains that can come with your career. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, I can help you find the balance that you are looking for so you can start living the life you have been working so hard to achieve.

I am here to help improve your overall quality of professional and personal life so that you can ultimately thrive again.

A Black Therapist in Beverly Hills for Professional Women of Color

As a black therapist, I work with the community of professional Black women in the city of Los Angeles. As a Black women who has carried out a career without much of a set-up from the past, you are extremely grateful for what you have. Without a doubt, you have fought for where you stand today. You were able to change your life, but your perspective of the world and of yourself remain the same. Your family traumas are still with you. And this long history of your generational trauma impacts the way you love, parent, and work.

There is this gap that you may be feeling, and I can help you fill it. I can help you address your concerns and fears about overcoming many of your obstacles. In therapy, I can help unpack the struggles that were inherently there. You have gone through not only personal, but also generational traumas in order to be become successful. I want to support this journey.

I want to help you succeed in your career and in your field. I can help with personal and societal trauma that hangs over the head of every Black woman… whether you realize it or not.

Trauma Survivors

“I can’t trust anyone.”

“No one is safe.”

“I’m too much for people.”

“Everyone will leave.”

“People will hurt me. ”

Sound familiar? It is easy to dismiss trauma. You may be thinking that if you have gone through a traumatic event, you would know. However, most people think that trauma is only one significant event such as an incident of abuse, a natural disaster, or an experience of a veteran coming from war. There is so much more than that. What people are not aware of is that life consists of continual traumatic events that have left numerous marks on you and have changed your view of the world and how you relate to people.

It can be difficult to talk about it because of the shame you may feel. If you have experienced any type of trauma, you might find yourself saying that what you went through is not a big deal, since you are still able to carry out life’s day-to-day tasks and activities. Whether you’re going to school, working, spending time with friends or family, you think “It’s not that bad.”

So you bury it even more.

When you’ve experienced traumatic events in your life, it’s hard to make sense of it. You might catch yourself thinking that there aren’t a lot of safe spaces to talk about this. Sometimes, it is even difficult to admit to yourself that you have been through something this difficult, you tend to bury it. The tricky part with trauma is that, unless processed, it lives in our body.

The problem starts when it bleeds in your relationships with people you care about the most. You might even find yourself in unhealthy relationships that for one reason or another, you feel compelled to pursue.

Underneath your awareness, you have a drive to recreate or revisit these past traumas through your relationships with the intention to hopefully right the wrong.

People who have experienced trauma are often times triggered in their relationship with others. Anxiety sky-rockets and it becomes that much more difficult to differentiate between past trauma and current crises. What you should know is that your reactions in your relationship is adding a strain to you and your partner.

Your fears are irrational and it is just so hard to trust anyone. You start feeling lonely in a sea of people.

When you have been through trauma, you experience intrusive thoughts or emotions that you can’t seem to make sense of. Our brains like to understand and file away events. What you do notice, is that you find yourself thinking about it from time to time. You’re not too sure who to talk to, who won’t look at you differently or create more shame than you already feel. It is a lot to carry on your own.

Therapy for Dealing with Trauma

I can help. In therapy, we can begin your healing process and works towards empowerment in an event that you lost all control. Let’s begin to rewrite your story. Let’s make room for a new narrative. We may not always be aware of the impact of the past trauma and our current lives. I can help you bring those to your awareness with care and support.

You’re allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.– Sophia Bush
Camille Tenerife Therapist

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