Wherever you are, be there, I will meet you to create and hold space for you.

You are enough. This life can be challenging and can leave us juggling roles and identities, this time is yours. I am here to help you build tools to feel better while working through the good and the difficult times.

My holistic approach allows me to meet you where you are and help you create the life you have always dreamed of. My undergraduate career at Sarah Lawrence focused on understanding trauma through an intergenerational lens while also understanding how trauma shows up in daily patterns and relationships. This combined with my trauma informed yoga training and work with nonprofit organizations that brought yoga into domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers gives me an understanding on all the tools that are in this world that can be grown and nurtured within our time together. My graduate career at Columbia University continued my focus with growing my awareness around trauma, including studies in positive psychology, marriage and family therapy, and perinatal psychology. I am drawn to positive psychology because I believe in reframing and guiding the mindset to look through a lens of optimism. I feel it is important to give tangible tools to you, so there can be a functional aspect to cope and make the day to day more filled with joy. I utilize mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy for you to gain tools and to feel more empowered in yourself.

Therapy for Mothers to Be and Mothers at Heart

When was the last time you took a moment to reflect and create space for yourself? I am here to hold space for you. Wherever you are in this moment, I will meet you there. It can often times to be hard to make time for yourself, with the many roles you are juggling. You are worth this time. With my experience working in pre and postnatal yoga and the wellness world surrounding I have been able to support women through the journey and gain insight and further awareness around what can be on the heart of many mothers. Alongside my experience in the wellness world I have taken courses specializing in maternal mental health and perinatal psychology at Columbia University.

Therapy for Survivors

Thank you for allowing me to be here with you. To help create space for you, a place to feel safe and feel heard. I have been working with survivors for the last few years in the realm of wellness and yoga alongside counseling with addiction and trauma. This has been a genuine passion that comes from my heart to help individuals feel safe and find joy again in their life. Our bodies hold onto stories beyond what our mind can sometimes remember and I like to find ways to look at each individual as a whole bringing mind and body into the session.

Therapy for Reproductive Health, Trauma, and Loss

You are not alone. Your story is important. You have every right to feel seen and heard. My experience working within these populations is focused on creating the space for you to feel validated in your story. Processing through holding space and allowing you to build a toolbox that will help you feel empowered and safe in your current space.

Anna Reeder, MA, EdM

Under the Clinical Supervision of Rachel Shimoni Simons, LMFT


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