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We know how you’re feeling. We get that feeling of overwhelm. Your problems seem insurmountable. You’re tired. You’re frustrated, and there are days when you just want to give up. We get it. You’re not alone, and you don’t need to feel that way any longer.

Depression, anxiety, overwhelming frustration, and anger outbursts are so common, and they can result from seemingly basic challenges in your life. Things don’t have to be so severe – you might just need a little help adjusting to a life transition. Psychotherapy can help you cope with everything from a serious illness to relationship troubles, from a job loss to the death of a loved one, and can help you manage stress, substance abuse, and most other issues.

Don’t Go Through It Alone

At the Beverly Hills Therapy Group, we put an emphasis on helping you name and conquer the issues that may be holding you back. One of our psychotherapists can help you work through any of your problems, regardless of how big or small you think they are.

Psychotherapy can provide you with a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who’s objective, neutral, and nonjudgmental.

By the time you’re done, you will not only have solved the problem that brought you in, but you will have learned new skills so that you can better cope with whatever challenges arise in the future.

If you’re looking for someone to talk to and a place to process the challenges of your life, you should call 888.494.7788 or click here to schedule your free consultation session.

Personal Therapy

Personal talk therapy is meant for you if you want to meet one-on-one with a psychotherapist. The focus is solely on you during these individual sessions. You and your counselor will create a plan on how to address your long-term goals, while the two of you work together to manage more immediate issues.

While the entire Beverly Hills Therapy Group staff will likely incorporate  some elements of  psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, or Jungian analytic modalities in their work with you, you should view their profiles to see who resonates with you most, as you begin your therapeutic journey.

Therapy Groups

Psychotherapy groups are a great option for you if you feel alone in your struggles and you’re looking for a space that allows for insight and understanding through processing with others. Each therapy group is organized with a specific focus, and free consultations sessions are offered to ensure that the particular topic as well as the existing group members are the best possible match for you.

Most people are intimidated by the idea of joining a therapy group, but groups are often an amazing experience. If you want to know that you aren’t alone and you want to be supported by others through a dynamic process of healing, then psychotherapy groups may be right for you.

Check out the current list of therapy groups that are offered by the Beverly Hills Therapy Group, and schedule your free consultation session to get connected today.


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