Postpartum Yoga

Postpartum Yoga

While loving your bundle of joy may come easy, learning how to tackle the challenges of becoming a new mother may understandably not be as easy. Perhaps some of the demands of this new life stage are slowly taking...


Language of love: Recognizing love languages

When it comes to showing love and feeling loved, why does it always feel like we are speaking different languages? Maybe because we are! According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five languages of love: gift giving, quality time,...

overcoming anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety in Beverly Hills

I started realizing that so many of the clients who were in therapy with me in my Beverly Hills private practice were struggling with the same kinds of stress. They worried about whether they could accomplish their goals; they...

understanding anxiety

Understanding Anxiety: What Does it all Mean

My clients come to me all the time in hopes of understanding anxiety. It’s so confusing, so difficult to comprehend. It doesn’t really matter where my counseling clients come from, who they are, or the type of lives they...

understanding depression

Understanding Depression

Understanding depression can be one of the most difficult things for someone. It is so much more than trying to relate an emotional sense to other people, but about trying to grasp a sense of self. Let’s not confuse...

spotting depression

Spotting Depression: Losing Yourself

People often think that depression looks the same in everyone. They couldn’t be more wrong. Spotting depression is a real challenge, and the most devastating thing about that difficulty, is that people end up missing it. I notice people...


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