– Body-Oriented Therapy

Body-Oriented Therapy

Therapies that incorporate bodywork may be perfect for you if you carry stress and pressure in your body. The various body-oriented practices honor the reality that the body experiences things before the  mind realizes that they are even issues. Often times your body ends up carrying the burden for things that you haven’t figured out how to manage quite yet.

Therapeutic bodywork through practices like Yoga Therapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Rolfing not only assist you in realigning and strengthening your body, but may also  help you access repressed emotions that can then be processed psychotherapeutically.

If you have headaches, body pains, tinnitus, or vertigo, and you have not found the answers you deserve through mainstream medicine, one of our body-oriented practitioners may be able to engage your body in a way that could help you make sense of your symptoms.

Additionally, if you suffer from traumatic stress, have experienced physical or emotional abuse, or have significant gaps in your memory, somatic experiencing like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) may be perfect to help you create the safe space you need to process it.

Whether you’ve never heard of somatic or body therapy before, or you’ve been dying to see if it can help, you should call 888.494.7788 or click here to schedule your free consultation session.


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