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7 Tips for Dating Someone with Abandonment Issues

Nobody likes to feel abandonment or rejection. But many people have been hurt in the past. Many types of trauma and loss can lead to fear of abandonment. Emotional and physical neglect, loss of a loved one, relationship loss, abuse, poverty and betrayal can cause trust issues and a scarcity mindset. When you’re worried that […]

Fear vs. Phobia: What’s the Difference?

Maybe you’re afraid of spiders. Thunderstorms might freak you out. You may get uncomfortable when you first walk into a party full of strangers. We all get uncomfortable in certain situations. But are your fears just that—fears. When they cross the line and impair the way that you function in life, though, fear becomes phobias. […]

High-Functioning Depression – Signs and Symptoms

When you hear that someone has depression, you likely get a specific picture in your mind. You think that they probably have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. That they may sleep a lot and isolate themselves from their friends. Or that they call out sick from work all the time, and they […]

Stonewalling in Relationships

When people talk about relationships these days, they mention words like “gaslighting” and “ghosting.” But what about stonewalling? Stonewalling can happen in a new or established relationship. A pattern of stonewalling can get perpetuated if you don’t work on communicating with your partner. One way to deal with this destructive pattern in your relationship is […]

Social Anxiety – Signs and Symptoms

Almost everyone gets nervous around other people from time to time. You may feel awkward around strangers or take some time to get comfortable at a party. But some people have social anxiety, which is more than butterflies that hit when you get around other people. Imagine having a strong fear when you’re in social […]

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