Codependent Relationship

What is a Codependent Relationship?

Do you feel your partner is more important than you? You can’t live without them and you feel you would be worthless without them? Or is your partner clingy? It could be a sign you are in a codependent...


7 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety – What is it? Anxiety is a normal part of every day life but it can leave us spiralling if we experience it as a result of a trauma. What’s traumatizing for one, may not be traumatizing to...

overscheduling and anxiety

Overscheduling and Anxiety

Before Google Calendar and iCal there was the PalmPilot, before the PalmPilot there was the paper agenda, before the paper agenda there was… probably less to schedule. Today, whether you’re an adolescent or a parent, life seems to run...

Analytic Psychotherapy

What is Analytic Psychotherapy

Analytic psychotherapy, a depth psychology, is modeled after the teachings and traditions of Carl G. Jung. This branch of therapy focuses on the individual, his or her personal experiences, and a natural quest for wholeness. It is predicated on...

teens and body image

Teens and Body Image

Have you ever tried the Keto Diet or Whole 30 to try to lose weight? Do you look for face cream with the words “anti-aging” or “wrinkle reducing?” Well, you’re not the only one. Because of societal influences, it’s...

imposter syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome & how to overcome it

Feel like a fraud? Like you don’t belong? Like all your accomplishments both personally and professionally couldn’t possibly be chalked up to anything but good ol’ fashioned luck. You certainly aren’t alone. Let me tell you about Imposter Syndrome....

Deconstructing Depression

Deconstructing Depression – What is it?

Do you feel that the color has drained from your life? You look around and everything has lost its vibrancy, like someone has messed with the filters of life. But your life isn’t Instagram and you can’t quickly change...

Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety

4 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety

If you always get nervous before a test, you probably know that you’re not alone. Exams put pressure on anyone’s nerves. A certain level of stress actually helps you stay alert enough to recall the answers to the questions...

forest bathing

Stressed out? Try forest bathing

Finding it hard to balance your work life and your personal life? Feeling overwhelmed like you just don’t have peace of mind or enough time to yourself? You might be experiencing stress – and a lot of it. Interestingly,...


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