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Meet the Beverly Hills Therapy Group Staff


Ron N Gad, PhD-c, LMFT   ~   Clinical Director ⋅ Licensed Psychotherapist

Do you ever wonder why things affect you the way they do, why you get so worked up over things that “shouldn’t” bother you? Are you confused as to why you’re anxious, frustrated, or depressed?  I get it.

We tend to only look at things that are right in front of us – our work, our friends, our family – but tension we feel in the moment is almost always connected to our long and complicated history. The thing is, everything you’ve experienced throughout your life, shapes the way you process and react to things happening today.

Working with me is not merely about focusing on what’s going on right now.  But together, we’ll look into all the meanings behind what you’re feeling and thinking.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but I can help you make sense of it all.

I specialize in helping people create happy, healthy, relational lives that bring them deep joy. While I’ve been working with people on discovering and embracing their true selves for over a decade, I am currently in the final research faze of my doctoral degree, in hopes of delving even deeper into the implicit, buried things that keep us from maximizing our potential, unblocking our professional and creative flow, and embracing who we truly are.

All you need is the space to dive down deep, past the common, everyday life experiences, so that you can start seeing who you really are. You don’t have to be alone as you struggle with intense life issues. I can help you on your journey toward figuring it all out – toward figuring yourself out.

I provide individual counseling and facilitate therapy groups in Beverly Hills. I have a unique specialization in helping creative and entertainment professionals, mental health clinicians, as well as overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed moms work toward understanding how your role as an individual fits within the expectations of this city and the responsibilities you have taken on. I also have the professional history and expertise to help therapeutically consult highly successful business people.

Don’t wait. You owe it to yourself to email now, or call me at 888.494.7788  to schedule your free consultation session. Together, we can help you make sense of what really needs to happen for you to experience the true feeling of satisfaction that you deserve.

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Charles Eckhart, PhD   ~   Rolfer ⋅ Structural Integration Specialist

I am a bodyworker whose work incorporates movement awareness, soft tissue work, and somatic-emotional awareness. I practice Structural Integration, a variety of bodywork that works to reorient the body to gravity, and change your posture and spatial orientation by addressing restrictions in our fascial system. These fascial restrictions, or adhesions, often lead to physical pain, movement restrictions, or postural distortions. Structural Integration is a process of slowly unwinding and reorganizing our musculature, nerves, and joint systems, to allow for greater ease, clarity, comfort, and awareness in one’s body. The process also has potential to help in observing the somatic-emotional relationships that are held in our bodies.

There is so much to learn about yourself, and it start with listening to your body. Contact the Beverly Hills Therapy Group office by email now, or call at 888.494.7788  to schedule your free inquiry session. That is a great first step to seeing whether this type of body work is what you need to help you get back on track.

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Charles Haywood III, CRT   ~  Certified Reflexology Therapist

I am a world-renowned certified reflexologist, trained at the American Academy of Reflexology, and have been in practice two decades. I practice a delicate healing touch known as the “Flacco Method,” which focuses on the feet, hands, and ears.

Working with me may offer you a relief of stress that you’ll feel throughout your entire body. It will likely increase your circulation and general energy. It has been proven to reduce the pains associate with headaches and migraines, and it almost always improves sleep, mental alertness, and focus.

There are times when you body asks for relief – Reflexology can be just what you need. Contact the Beverly Hills Therapy Group office by email now, or call at 888.494.7788  to schedule your free inquiry session. Together, we can help you decide whether Reflexology is right for you.

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Kim Paige, MFTI   ~  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Your mind has the power to be your worst enemy or your greatest resource. We all experience those baffling parts of ourselves that just won’t seem to respond to logic, reason, self-awareness, or willpower.  I have numerous specializations as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and I integrate years of experience with psychotherapy training to expeditiously tap into those unconscious drives that either have you doing things you wish you didn’t or keeps you from doing the things you wish you would.

The recent developments in neuropsychology, epigenetics, and quantum physics of consciousness have directed my approach to a Solution Focused and Positive Psychology based modality. What that means is, no need for regression, reliving painful experiences, or revisiting trauma during hypnosis. We will focus on and magnify what you want, be it performance enhancement, boost in confidence or,  freedom from anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias, fears, cravings, procrastination, bad habits, insomnia, and so much more.

Contact the Beverly Hills Therapy Group office by email now, or call at 888.494.7788  to schedule your free inquiry session and discover how peaceful  it is to just lay back and relax into a new way of being .


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