Certified Reflexology Therapy

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Sometimes the stress, anxiety, and depression are lodged so deeply in the body, that talk-therapy alone isn’t enough. Reflexology is a body-oriented therapeutic treatment performed on the feet, hands, & ears, and may be the perfect therapy treatment for you if you experience your stress and pressure in your body.

You may be experiencing tightness in your neck or pressure in your back, and often times, that type of pain is linked to blockage of your body’s energy flow. Reflexology is a century-old healing process that works to release your energy flow, unblock your psychological congestion, and to promote natural, holistic healing.

More than a Foot Massage

While many people confuse reflexology with a simple foot massage that one gets at the spa, it is so much more. The Beverly Hills Therapy group offers true, certified reflexology therapy, which is considered to be one of the most beneficial holistic, healing therapies available. It works to treat the entire body, and to restore the body’s natural state of balance and harmony.

Charles Haywood III

Charles Haywood III has been a Certified Reflexology Therapist in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. He is world renowned for his gentle touch as a dedicated health advocate. Charles is a perfect addition to the Beverly Hills Therapy Group, as his Flocco Method of reflexology delicately integrates healing through the meticulous manipulation of hands, feet, and ears.

Charles offers world-class reflexology that incorporates his expansive international studies of Ayurvedic Reflexology, Acupressure for Reflexology, and Kinesiology.

Your time with Charles may also include Pranic Energy Healing as well as Chakra energy balancing.