Ron N Gad, PhD-c, LMFT

Executive Director ⋅ Clinical Supervisor
Licensed Psychotherapist

Do you ever wonder why things affect you the way they do, why you get so worked up over things that “shouldn’t” bother you? Are you confused as to why you’re anxious, frustrated, or depressed? I get it.

We tend to only look at things that are right in front of us – our work, our friends, our family – but the tensions and stress we feel in the moment is almost always connected to our long and complicated past. The thing is, everything you’ve experienced throughout your life, shapes the way you process and react to things that are happening today.

Working with me is not just about fixing the symptoms that are complicating your life right now. We'll do that, and it'll be a priority. But together, we’ll spend time looking into meanings behind and underneath what you’re feeling and thinking. These are the root causes that, when addressed, will not only relieve you of the symptoms, but help you understand where they come from, why they're there, and how to keep them from ever coming back.

I specialize in helping people create happy, healthy, relational lives that bring them deep joy. While I’ve been working with people on discovering and embracing their true selves for over a decade, I am currently in the final research faze of my doctoral degree, in hopes of delving even deeper into the implicit, buried things that keep us from maximizing our potential, unblocking our professional and creative flow, and embracing who we truly are.

I know it sounds overwhelming,
but we can make sense of it all.

Therapy By Creatives, For Creatives

I'm a writer at heart; it's just what I love to do. I've written a few things that had some acclaim, they even got published back in the day of literary magazines, and I thought about making a career in it...

Alas, I seem to be more suited to help writers and other artists than to be a working artist myself. But it's in my bones; I know what it's like to feel the art within me. I get the draw to incorporate creativity, the need to live the life of an artists, I understand what it means to feel fragmented when you are not being creative, because you are a creative...

Start a therapy process that
embraces and honors
the artist that you are.

The Space You Need Is Right Here

All you need is the space to dive down deep, past the common, everyday life experiences, so that you can start seeing who you really are. You don’t have to be alone as you struggle with intense life issues. I can help you on your journey toward figuring it all out – toward figuring yourself out.

Don’t wait. You owe it to yourself to email now, or call me at (888) 494-7788 to schedule your free consultation session. Together, we can help you make sense of what really needs to happen for you to experience the true feeling of satisfaction that you deserve.

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