Charles Eckhart, PhD

Rolfer ⋅ Structural Integration Specialist

I am a bodyworker whose work incorporates movement awareness, soft tissue work, and somatic-emotional awareness. I practice Structural Integration, a variety of bodywork that works to reorient the body to gravity, and change your posture and spatial orientation by addressing restrictions in our fascial system. These fascial restrictions, or adhesions, often lead to physical pain, movement restrictions, or postural distortions. Structural Integration is a process of slowly unwinding and reorganizing our musculature, nerves, and joint systems, to allow for greater ease, clarity, comfort, and awareness in one’s body. The process also has potential to help in observing the somatic-emotional relationships that are held in our bodies.

There is so much to learn about yourself, and it start with listening to your body. Contact the Beverly Hills Therapy Group office by email now, or call at 888.494.7788 to schedule your free inquiry session. That is a great first step to seeing whether this type of body work is what you need to help you get back on track.