ou are living in the most complicated time. Even though we’re all living in this same crazy time, you have your own unique experiences. You are affected in your own way. There is so much going on for you. And while others may understand the hard times, they probably don’t really get its impact on you. How do you even start to identify it? Who do you share it with? It all just feels — heavy.

On top of all that, living in Los Angeles comes with its own set of obstacles. You feel like you have to maintain a certain image. You feel pressured to live up to a particular expectation or maintain a certain status. And then, you have your own history and experiences that have contributed to all the issues that you’re dealing with right now… today.

As a therapist in Beverly Hills, I understand how heavy it can be to carry all of that. I understand trying to be everything for everyone and somehow feeling like you’re not enough for anyone. I understand trying to make your mark on the world and feeling useless at the same time.

Stepping into change isn’t easy. Leaning into growth can be very intimidating. I understand the courage needed to take the huge step into therapy. And I am so glad you’re here.

You no longer have to face all the obstacles that life has thrown at you alone. I look forward to being right by your side on this journey.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity– Albert Einstein

Working with Me

I believe that the relationship you and I build is what truly provides the strong foundation for good work in therapy. You want a therapist who understands you and can relate to you, but who can also recognize and challenge unhealthy patterns that may be hindering your growth. I can be that person for you. I will make sure that you’re not only seen and heard, but that you get what you need to live stronger, healthier, and happier.

We will work on reducing the current symptoms that are troubling you most right now, but we will also dive into how these patterns originated. We’ll explore the communication styles and the conflict resolution styles that have been modeled for you and how that has contributed to the way that you operate now. We will work to explore your unique patterns, how you fell into them, and how they may be helping or hurting you.

You don’t have to walk this journey alone; you don’t have to do this work alone. We will do it together!

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.– Thich Nhat Hanh

Who I Work With:

Anxiety among millennials is at an all-time high — it’s no wonder why. Being a young person today is the hardest it’s ever been. You’re constantly being alerted with the tragedies going on throughout the world. Another school shooting, another beloved public figure passed away, another instance of social injustice. Is the world ending? As soon as you start to catch your breath, something else happens. And by the way, what are you doing with your life? When are you going to get that job, or build a family, or have kids?

You’re being pushed and pulled in so many different directions every day. You have so much going on and you’re expected to hold it all together, but at some point, you feel like you’re going to explode. That is a perfectly normal feeling. It is also a sign that your anxiety is getting too much for one person to manage on their own — that’s where I come in.

As a millennial myself, I understand how overwhelming day to day life can be. You’re trying to fight for social justice, lessen your carbon footprint, establish yourself as a creative or a professional, maintain a relationship, and manage your emotions. Of course, you’re exhausted and confused! How could you not be?

Anxiety can be a healthy response to important events such as an upcoming exam or an important job interview. However, anxiety can also take over and affect other areas of your life as well. If you are feeling as though you simply don’t have the mental capacity to be productive, I can help. The world is not ending, this can all be worked through. You are not alone. You just need someone who understands.

Being multicultural means being underrepresented. You had to learn the in-between spaces very early in life. You were tossed into whatever category you resemble most. In school, you never felt “White enough” or “Latinx enough”. You were asked if you were adopted or why your parents look one way and you look another. All along, you just wanted to fit in. You just wanted to be accepted. Now you’re an adult and it seems like you still don’t belong.

You’ve had to prove yourself to both (or all) of your heritages your whole life. You have always felt like you are “too little” or “too much” of something. And if you embrace one culture, you feel like you’re denying another. You are expected to quietly check Black or White (or Asian, Hispanic, etc), but you don’t fit in just one box. You constantly have to explain, justify and even defend yourself. It’s confusing, it’s frustrating and if nothing else, it’s exhausting!

And what about the micro-aggressions made by strangers who don’t perceive you to be of a certain race. Do you correct them? Do you call them out? Do you just let it pile up? Year after year? You’re constantly being told you should be a certain complexion, or you should speak the language. Your hair should be a certain texture, your features should present in a different way. All you want to do is tell them they should shut up!

As a multicultural woman, I get it. I understand the frustration of feeling like you’re always having to justify yourself, while simultaneously feeling like you don’t owe anyone an explanation. I understand feeling like you belong while also feeling isolated at the same time, within the same group of people. I know what it’s like to feel like you can connect with almost anyone at anytime, but no one can really connect with you. I understand feeling forgotten.

You and I will work together to understand your own unique identity, in and outside of your cultures. We will explore your story and what it means to you. We will also discover what you need to feel whole. You no longer need to identify with the way others see you. It is time to discover and embrace how you see yourself – in all of your complexity.

Multiculturalism is complex. It is not one thing, but neither are you. You are NOT half of one thing and half of another. You are a whole being entitled to embracing ALL of your cultures.

Being biracial paints a blurred line that is equal parts staggering and illuminating.– Meghan Markle

Finding the right person, the right relationship isn’t easy. Even when you have such great qualities – even when you know that you’re smart and successful, you keep finding yourself in unfulfilling relationships. Why is that? Why do you keep repeating the same pattern?

Dating in Los Angeles is no easy task. We are home to some of the most beautiful men and women in the world. And if that isn’t intimidating enough, you’re just a swipe, text message, or phone call away from pursuing or being pursued by someone else. But why does it feel like there are so many options out there while simultaneously none at all?

You are so powerful and so successful at work, in the eyes of your friends, and in most areas of your life. But in your romantic relationships, you’re insecure, you’re jealous, and you find yourself going back to the same kind of partners that keep you down. You’re ready to bring the strength that you know you have into your relationships and to get out of that pattern that has been keeping you from finding the relationship of your dreams. Together, we’ll dig through your past and help you understand, learn from, and grow past those patterns. I can help you dig through your past and help you understand, learn from, and grow passed those patterns.

You and I will work together to address what is bothering you most right now And more importantly, we will get to the root of your troubled relationships and help you heal. We will explore your patterns, uncover how you got to where you are now, and how you can get to where you want to be. We’ll explore the patterns that were modeled for you by the relationships you saw as you were growing up, and we’ll make connections between those relationships and the ones you have been in throughout your life.

As with most things in life, you learned how to be in relationships through life experience. Since your first relationships were formed in childhood with your family, that’s where we’ll begin. During the early years of your life, you developed a certain style of approaching relationships and attaching to others. We’ll explore how the relationships with your family have taught you how to approach your own today. We’ll dive into how the communication and conflict styles that were modeled for you are showing up in your current relationships.

Our work together will offer an understanding that will help you approach relationships in a healthier way. You will be able to recognize and choose partners who offer genuine love— without toxicity.

It is my goal that you leave our sessions feeling the strongest, healthiest, and happiest you have ever been!

Trauma is very complicated, and it can also be extremely confusing. You may know without a doubt that you have experienced something you are certain was a traumatic event. Then there are other times that you may be on the fence. A common misconception is that trauma happens once, when you experience a car accident or an assault. But it’s not always that way. Your trauma may be a result of growing up in an emotion-ally unsafe environment or never feeling supported or comforted as a child. A pattern of unstable or unhealthy relationships can also be very traumatizing.These types of unhealthy patterns can wreak havoc on your adult relationships, leaving you with codependent behavior, abandonment issues and choosing all the wrong partners. The worst part is you’ve been told for so long that you didn’t even have it that bad!

You may shy away from telling your story because so many other people “have it worse.” But I want to hear your story. You may also be apprehensive because your trauma occurred so long ago, how could it affect you now? But it can. Studies show that relationships dating as far back as infancy can have a direct effect on adult relationships. However, these patterns of attachment styles are not set in stone— they are learned and can therefore be unlearned. All you need is a safe space with a therapist you can trust who will work with you through that process. I can be that person for you. I want to be that person for you.

I don’t want you to dismiss what you’ve gone through anymore. I want to work with you and explore how the events of your past have affected your life and your relationships. We’ll explore the relationships you have had throughout your life – healthy and un-healthy, and we’ll work toward achieving a more secure and healthy approach. You don’t have to carry that load all by yourself. I can help you carry it.

No matter what your experiences have been, I can tell you that your feelings are valid. Your pain matters. And we can work together to help you get through it.

We will work together to explore how what you have gone through is affecting your life and your relationships. I may be the professional, but you are the expert in your own life. So, we will take what I know about trauma and use it to help see where you’re struggling, and how you can stop struggling.

Amber Robinson, MA

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