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Now a day it is really easy to not sit down and enjoy a meal. It is easy to just go through the drive thru and chow down on your food without ever leaving your car.

We need to ask ourselves, if we are really enjoying the food that’s in front of us or are we seeing eating as a chore?

Food is necessary to survive. Without it we would not have enough energy to sustain everyday tasks such as typing on a computer or walking the dog. Therefore, we should enjoy and pay attention to what we are eating. We should be able to understand if we are actually enjoying what is in our mouth and if we can truly taste each and every bite.

Now try a single meditation that practices mindful eating on your own:

1. Sit down and take a bite of food.
2. Move it around in your mouth before you actually begin chewing.
3. Notice the taste, texture and temperature of the food.
4. Chew slowly and really savor each bite.
5. Do you like it? What are the flavors you notice? Is it sweet? Savory? Awful?
-If eating this food makes you feel stressed, try to be neutral about it.
6. After the bite has been completely chewed and swallowed, reflect on how that bite was. Did you enjoy that bite? Make sure to put utensils down between bites.
7. Try to engage all of the senses.
8. Repeat steps 1-7 about two more times.
9. Note your hunger and fullness cues.
10. Continue to eat the meal without a hyper focus on different senses. Note when you are starting to get full and wait until you are completely satisfied with your food before stopping.
11. Reflect on your overall experience. Did you enjoy the meal? Which flavor or texture did you like the most?

There is not a wrong way to do this method and it brings up different thoughts for different people. If you are having a difficult time with understanding the mindfulness of the meal, that is okay. This type of practice takes, well….practice!

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